Recipients and subscriptions

Postponed dispatches

Note that when scheduling a message you can omit recipients parameter.

In that case no dispatch objects are created on scheduling, instead the process of creation is postponed until prepare_dispatches() function is called.

from sitemessage.toolbox import schedule_messages, prepare_dispatches

# Here `recipients` parameter is omitted ...
schedule_messages(MyMessage('Some text'))

# ... instead dispatches are created later.

prepare_dispatches() by default generates dispatches using recipients list comprised from users subscription preferences data (see below).

Handling subscriptions

sitemessage supports basic subscriptions mechanics, and that’s how it works.

sitemessage.toolbox.get_user_preferences_for_ui is able to generate user subscription preferences data, that could be rendered in HTML as table using sitemessage_prefs_table template tag.


sitemessage_prefs_table tag support table layout customization through custom templates.

  • user_prefs_table-bootstrap.html - Bootstrap-style table.

    {% sitemessage_prefs_table from subscr_prefs template “sitemessage/user_prefs_table-bootstrap.html” %}

This table in its turn could be placed in form tag to allow users to choose message types they want to receive using various messengers.

At last sitemessage.toolbox.set_user_preferences_from_request can process form data from a request and store subscription data into DB.

from django.shortcuts import render
from sitemessage.toolbox import set_user_preferences_from_request, get_user_preferences_for_ui

def user_preferences(self, request):
    """Let's suppose this simplified view handles user preferences."""


    if request.POST:
        # Process form data:

    # Prepare preferences data.
    subscr_prefs = get_user_preferences_for_ui(request.user)


    return render(request, 'user_preferences.html', {'subscr_prefs': subscr_prefs})


get_user_preferences_for_ui allows messenger titles customization and both message types and messengers filtering. You can also forbid subscriptions on message type or messenger level by setting allow_user_subscription class attribute to False.

And that’s what is in a template used by the view above:

<!-- user_preferences.html -->
{% load sitemessage %}

<form method="post">
    {% csrf_token %}

    <!-- Create preferences table from `subscr_prefs` template variable. -->
    {% sitemessage_prefs_table from subscr_prefs %}

    <input type="submit" value="Save preferences" />


You can get subscribers as recipients list right from your message type, using get_subscribers() method.

Handling unsubscriptions

sitemessage bundles some views, and one of those allows users to unsubscribe from certain message types just by visiting it.

Please refer to Bundled views section of this documentation.

After that, for example, your E-mail client (if it supports List-Unsubscribe header) will happily introduce you some button to unsubscribe from messages of that type.